Holy ​Trinity Church, Edso​n

A Faith Community 

of Anglicans and Lutherans

Shared Ministry Council

Holy Trinity is governed by a Shared Ministry Council. These dedicated volunteers look after everything from the day to day running of the church to the fellowship and community of the congregation.  The 2021 council and other officers is as follows:

Sheryl Dubois

Rector's Warden/ Co-Chair/ Alternate Delegate 780-728-4026 [email protected]

Beverly Kazoleas

President/ Co-Chair/ Alternate Delegate 780-780-8001 [email protected]

John Petruka

People's Warden/ Vice-President 780-712-7067 [email protected]

Laura Roome

Recording Secretary 780-723-6541 [email protected]

Nola Preville

Delegate to Synod Convention [email protected]

Alison Reid

Delegate to Diocesan Synod/ Envelop Secretary 780-723-4000 [email protected]

Chad Garson

Member at Large 780-280-0531 [email protected]

Glenda Field

Member at Large 780-723-3425 [email protected]

Cherise Fron

Member at Large 780-712-9022 [email protected]

Lynn McMorran

Member at Large 780-723-5626 [email protected]

David Tesfamariam

Member at Large 780-728-3112 [email protected]

Rev Johnny Pooten

Rector 780-860-5423 [email protected]

Michaelle Lemay

Bookkeeper 780-723-5232 [email protected]