Holy ​Trinity Church, Edso​n

A Faith Community 

of Anglicans and Lutherans

About Our Church

Our Vision

This ecumenical community strives to be an inclusive, safe and welcoming worship community recognizing strength in diversity, togetherness in adversity, and that God’s grace, mercy and love are better when shared.

Our Mission

While we as Holy Trinity are rather young, we are still working on a mission statement...

Stay Tuned!

Our Community

We call ourselves 'A Faith Community of Anglicans and Lutherans,' but our doors are open to welcome all follow and want to learn more about God. 

Holy Trinity Church is a joint venture ministry that was formed from two churches joining together out of necessity, and has evolved into a beautiful and thriving church family that operates as one.  

Stronger Together.


Food and Fellowship

  • Kate's Kitchen has become very well known in Edson for providing a hot lunch for any and all that come by on the Third Thursday of the month.  It is Holy Trinity's priority to ensure the safety of the community and as a result of direction from Alberta Health and a mandate from the Diocese, this ministry has been suspended indefinitely.
  • This suspension of Kate's Kitchen has evolved into a beautiful new opportunity to partner up with the Edson United Church to offer the United Trinity Kitchen.  This newly formed alliance has received a provincial grant funding to offer seniors in the town of Edson with a light meal delivered to them every Thursday, until the end of November. If you or someone you know would like to enjoy a meal delivered to you, please call 780-712-9022 and arrangements will be made to add you to the list.  Please note that recipients must be in the town of Edson, and no dietary accommodations can be made.

Barrel Garden

  • Inspired by the beauty of God's gift of creation to us all, Holy Trinity has developed a Barrel Garden to allow the opportunity for people to grow vegetables that can be shared. This ministry offers an opportunity to get your hands dirty and share a laugh with friends while tending to the garden.  In the past, the bountiful harvests have been turned into meals that support the Food and Fellowship ministry. 

Bible Study

  • Typically, Holy Trinity's Bible Study Group meets once per week to focus on, discuss, and discover meanings behind scriptures. In  response to Covid-19, it has been mandated by the Diocese that this activity is suspended.


  •  A confirmation class is to get underway in the fall of 2020.  Confirmation classes can be a faith journey that allow one to explore their relationship with God, learn from the scriptures, dive into church history, and learn about what it means to be Lutheran and what it means to be Anglican. Connect with the church to find out more details.
Sunday School and Youth Ministries 

  • These things are highly valued by Holy Trinity.  Currently, these activities are on hold.  Please connect with us to discuss what is happening.

Thrift Shop

  • The Edson Thrift Shop, 5112-3 Avenue, Edson, (780) 723-4545 is operated by volunteers from several participating churches and offers good used clothing and linens to the community at highly discounted prices. Volunteers  take their turn to work at the store both on sorting and selling days.  Hours are currently limited during this time of Covid-19 and the store is open Wednesdays 12:00-4:00 and Thursdays 12:00-6:00. In case of emergency situations, such as fire or flood, items can be provided to those in need by request.

Prayer Shawl

  • A group of dedicated ladies knit and crochet prayer shawls which are provided to individuals in need of the extra comfort that these can provide, such as in times of illness, death of a loved one, or other tragedy.

Food Bank

  • The Edson Food Bank, 4511-5 Avenue, Edson, (780) 723-3185 provides emergency food to families and individuals in need.  It operates year round on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is also open the second and last Thursday evenings of each month from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm.Thechurch supports the local food bank by regularly collecting food items for distribution, but during this time of Covid-19, monetary gifts are being collected.  Volunteers from the church also spend time at the food bank during their sorting and distribution times.

Monthly Missions

November Monthly Mission - Canadian Foodgrains Bank

After a number of years of bad weather, the Yellowhead Growing Project (part of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank) switched from growing a crop to having an evening banquet as their primary fundraiser.  The covid19 pandemic has scuttled plans for this year's banquet as we are unable to follow AHS guidelines to protect those who would wish to attend.  The executive is considering appealing to a number of our regular supporters to provide a monetary donation so that our group can send something to the Foodgrains Bank.  Thus, the support of Holy Trinity for the Foodgrains Bank as their monthly mission for November is even more important and the Yellowhead Growing Project is deeply appreciative for that support.

On another note, the Canadian federal government has announced this October that it will provide $400 million to developing countries to cope with the effects of the pandemic.  Food systems have been disrupted, income opportunities have been limited and movement within developing countries has been restricted.  As a result, food shortages and rising food costs are common and much of this money will be used to deal with these two problems.

To learn more about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, check out their website at: https://foodgrainsbank.ca/

October Monthly Mission - Edson Food Bank

In lieu of collecting items for the Primary Care Networks Community Connections event which is not being held this year, the Shared Ministry Council decided that our October focus would be the Edson Food Bank.

The Edson Food bank is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide food donated by local individuals and businesses to individuals and families with short term needs. Located at 4511- 5 Avenue in Edson, the Edson Food bank operates year-round on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is also open the second and last Thursday evenings of each month from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm. During this time of covid19, the Food Bank is following all the AHS recommended protocols. Although walk ins are accepted, the Food Bank is asking those requiring food hampers to call or text 780.725.3185 to make an appointment for a time to come in to the Food Bank.

Monetary donations are being requested at this time. They can be left in the collection plate or forwarded to the church marked Food Bank. 

September Monthly Mission - Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Our September Monthly Mission is We Care. In past we have collected hygiene items and school supplies, packed them into We Care kits, and shipped them to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CWLR) headquarters in Winnipeg to be distributed where they are needed in the world. 

With the restrictions mandated by Alberta Health Services, we will not be collecting items at this time. Instead, the Shared Ministry Council has made the decision to reallocate resources towards CWLR Covid-19 relief in Africa. Throughout September, a monetary collection towards this project will be made. 

Inspired by God’s love for the world, CLWR challenges and responds to the injustice which causes human suffering and poverty. Since 1946, CLWR has been committed to working alongside partner agencies to build resilience through a continual shared learning approach. This international relief and development agency of the Lutheran communities provides opportunities for Canadians to respond to national and international needs.

In some areas around the world the coronavirus is threatening not just sickness, but a food crisis not seen in many decades.  The impacts of movement restrictions, closed businesses, lost livelihoods, and disrupted supply chains are being felt by families already facing difficult situations and could create a large-scale hunger catastrophe in the year ahead.  As communities fight the pandemic, they’re also facing the reality of severe disruptions to their food supply, on top of ongoing droughts and other pre-existing challenges.

Thanks to CLWR’s partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we can help our global neighbours with urgent food relief that will be matched by as much as 4:1. A donation of just $35, which would provide one family with emergency food for two weeks, could now provide the same support to four additional families because of government matching funds.

Learn more about CLWR

Shared Ministry Agreement

Holy Trinity operates as a joint venture between St. Catherine Anglican and Grace Lutheran.  While Grace's constitution is still a governing document, as well as the Canons of the Anglican Church, the Shared Ministry agreement is the document that allows us to operate as one church on a day to day basis.

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