Holy ​Trinity Church, Edso​n

A Faith Community 

of Anglicans and Lutherans

About Our Church

Our Vision

In pursuit of its mission, Holy Trinity has identified a number of core values which define the character and nature of the congregation.  These values, reduced to a single word, are: worship, prayer, music, study, youth, family, seniors and outreach at large to the community. 

The Prayer and Worship Ministry will ensure that our liturgy reflects our Lutheran and Anglican traditions while addressing the spiritual needs of all members as we move forward in Christian Faith.  In faith we turn to prayer to keep our focus on conversations with God, expressing our thanksgiving for His love and abundant mercy; remembering always the needs of those who are less fortunate than we; and never forgetting to lay our own most fervent needs, and wants at His feet.  

The Music and Study Ministry will ensure that the congregation is offered the widest possible opportunities for musical expression, both liturgical and secular, and we will work with the worship ministry to enhance and broaden the use of music in worship.  This ministry will promote and encourage the study of our Christian faith through Bible study groups, Cursillo weekends, Sunday school, and Youth groups, and will seek new and diverse ways and means to improve the study we undertake.

Youth ministry is to embrace young people from infants to those in their twenties.  Its goals are to encourage young people to become engaged in the pursuit of the Christian Faith, to look outward into the greater community, and to continue that engagement with their own families.  Sunday school, youth groups with Confirmation Classes and activities that encourage the building of community are fundamental to the achievement of this goal.  All are called upon to support and assist in this most important ministry.

The family is the basic unit of our society and it is our responsibility to encourage the involvement of the whole family in the total ministry of the church.  Family ministry should be instrumental in building our relationships with each other, sharing who we are and what we do, and strengthening our mutual commitments to the betterment of the entire community.  Together we can achieve greatness.  

As part of our Outreach program the gospel tells us to go out into the community by participating in activities in the community and by supporting those activities as well as creating our own where there is a need.

We must not forget our seniors.  It is they who have set the foundations upon which we strive to build the future.  This ministry will look at all aspects of the lives or seniors, ensuring that all of their needs are met; visitations at home, in the Lodge and Nursing Home, special events that cater to their need, and an ongoing opportunity to fully participate in, and contribute to the life of the larger community.

Our Mission

Holy Trinity is a faith family of Christians celebrating the Risen Christ, worshipping together in the Anglican and Lutheran Traditions to the Glory of God and the well-being of each member and the greater community.  In everything we do - in all our worship, learning, mission, and service - where it is possible and where it is practical, we will respecfully blend our Anglican and Lutheran traditions instead of maintaining each tradition as separate and distinct or alternating between them.  In this way, we seek to find the common ground that unites us as we build on the strengths of one another.

Our Community

We call ourselves 'A Faith Community of Anglicans and Lutherans,' but our doors are open to welcome all follow and want to learn more about God. 

Holy Trinity Church is a joint venture ministry that was formed from two churches joining together out of necessity, and has evolved into a beautiful and thriving church family that operates as one.  

Stronger Together.


Food and Fellowship

  • Kate's Kitchen has become very well known in Edson for providing a hot lunch for any and all that come by on the Third Thursday of the month.  It is Holy Trinity's priority to ensure the safety of the community and as a result of direction from Alberta Health and a mandate from the Diocese, this ministry has been suspended indefinitely.
  • This suspension of Kate's Kitchen has evolved into a beautiful new opportunity to partner up with the Edson United Church to offer the United Trinity Kitchen. The UTK has received a grant from “Seeds of Hope” through the United Church of Canada for $15,000 to continue the meal plan for seniors and the housebound. Meals will be served twice a month starting March 2nd, with the meal delivery on the Thursdays.

    Volunteers to assist with the meal preparation and the delivery are needed. If you would be willing to be part of this great ministry, please call Jean Linklater at 780-712-1850. Also if you or someone you know would like to receive the meals, please call Jean.

Barrel Garden

  • Inspired by the beauty of God's gift of creation to us all, Holy Trinity has developed a Barrel Garden to allow the opportunity for people to grow vegetables that can be shared. This ministry offers an opportunity to get your hands dirty and share a laugh with friends while tending to the garden.  In the past, the bountiful harvests have been turned into meals that support the Food and Fellowship ministry. 

Bible Study

  •  Holy Trinity's Bible Study Group meets once per week to focus on, discuss, and discover meanings behind scriptures. Bible Study is held at 1:00 pm on Wednesdays at the St. Catherine's building.  All are welcome.


  •  A confirmation class will be offered when there are enrollments.  Confirmation classes can be a faith journey that allow one to explore their relationship with God, learn from the scriptures, dive into church history, and learn about what it means to be Lutheran and what it means to be Anglican. Connect with the church to find out more details.
Sunday School and Youth Ministries 

  • These things are highly valued by Holy Trinity.  Currently, these activities are on hold.  Please connect with us to discuss what is happening.

Thrift Shop

  • The Edson Thrift Shop, 5112-3 Avenue, Edson, (780) 723-4545 is operated by volunteers from several participating churches and offers good used clothing and linens to the community at highly discounted prices. Volunteers  take their turn to work at the store both on sorting and selling days. Sorters work Monday and Tuesday mornings.  The store is open for business Wednesdays  and Thursdays 12:00-6:00. In case of emergency situations, such as fire or flood, items can be provided to those in need by request.

Prayer Shawl

  • A group of dedicated ladies knit and crochet prayer shawls which are provided to individuals in need of the extra comfort that these can provide, such as in times of illness, death of a loved one, or other tragedy.

Food Bank

  • The Edson Food Bank, 4511-5 Avenue, Edson, (780) 723-3185 provides emergency food to families and individuals in need.  It operates year round on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is also open the second and last Thursday evenings of each month from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm.Thechurch supports the local food bank by regularly collecting food items for distribution, but during this time of Covid-19, monetary gifts are being collected.  Volunteers from the church also spend time at the food bank during their sorting and distribution times.

July Monthly Mission - Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)

CLWR is one of Canada's oldest and most trusted humanitarian organizations.

CLWR works with displaced and food-insecure people around the world as they develop solutions that last, so all people can live in peace with dignity and hope.

Currently, CLWR is joining leading Canadian aid agencies in the Humanitarian Coalition to raise funds and rush emergency assistance to people on the edge of famine in sub-Saharan Africa. The impact of your donations will be doubled by the matched funding provided by the Canadian Government.

When communities are devastated by disaster, drought or conflict, CLWR provides life-saving support as families get through crisis and begin to recover. Everywhere they work, their response is guided by the voices of the people served.

CLWR is working for a world where everyone lives in peace, so it's not enough to deal with problems as they come up. Root causes so that no one is hungry, no one has to flee their home, and no one is denied their rights.

For more information on CLWR or to make a donation, check out their website; www.clwr.orgick to Edit This Title

June Monthly Mission - – The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development and relief. With the support of Anglicans across Canada, PWRDF partners with organizations working to increase healthy pregnancies and births, reduce gender inequality, relieve hunger and break the cycle of poverty in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Against a backdrop of climate change, PWRDF strives to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Programs address:

• Preventive Health

• Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation

• Indigenous Communities

• Empowering women

• Disaster Response and Humanitarian Relief

Every year PWRDF responds to emergencies in Canada and around the world. Primarily, grants are allocated s to appeals issued by the ACT Alliance, of which PWRDF is a member. ACT Alliance is an organization of 140 international Christian organizations working in areas of high need. When disaster happens, ACT is able to contact one of its members already in place and quickly get them funds for immediate necessities of life, such as water, sanitation, food and shelter. PWRDF also works with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in this same capacity.

For more information about PWRDF, check out the website at www.pwrdf.org. 

May Monthly Mission - On Eagle's Wings

On Wednesday, April 6, a potluck was held at St. Catherine’s as we enjoyed a presentation from Rev Lesley Hand and Robin Abrol, representatives from On Eagle’s Wings, an Ecumenical Ministries Bible Camp that has been operating since 1999 and ministers in the North. They provide Bible Camps to thirty of our most remote and isolated Arctic communities, including Aklavik, Inuvik, Ft. McPherson, Tuktoyaktuk, Paulatuk, Kugluktuk, Cambridge Bay, and Grise Fiord. On Eagle’s Wings provides Bible Camp in a Bag, videos with music, storytelling, and crafts, bringing joy to many children. Rev. Lesley shared how churches gather resources and provide completed bags to them to send to these communities. We all understand what isolation means after our two year stint with Covid; however, when your community is isolated and you become isolated from one another, it moves to another level. The calls just to check with the elders and pastors were gratefully received as they shared how difficult this time has been.

Our evening of good food, and fellowship found us eager to support On Eagle’s Wings in any way we can:  through prayer, teaching, donating, preparing Bible Camp bags or fundraising. A special thank you to all who attended, making the evening a huge success.  An exciting development to come from this event is that Holy Trinity has a team in the process of applying to serve with this mission in July! Sheryl, Beverly, and Laura will be seeking our support for this wonderful adventure.  Please contact them to learn more about supporting their proposed mission and/or see https://oneagleswings.ca/ or refer to the pamphlets, Soaring on Eagle’s Wings , available at the churches.

April Monthly Mission - Hope Mission

Hope begins with a meal! Hope Mission is a not-for-profit Christian social care agency caring for impoverished and homeless men, women and children in Alberta. Basic and emergency care are provided to over 800 people daily as well as counsel and referral services. Each day over 800 meals are served, and shelter for over 500 people is provided. Faith-based treatment programs for addiction are offered. Recreation and camp programs are offered for inner-city children. A 24/7 Rescue Van provides emergency care for people in need. Community church, and personal contact through visiting people on the street, in prisons or hospitals and other agencies shows compassionate care. Clothing, blankets, and workwear can be obtained through the Hope Bargain Shoppe. Services are provided in Edmonton, Wetaskawin, Red Deer and Calgary.

For more information about Hope Mission, and how you can volunteer or donate, check out their website at www.hopemission.com. 


March Monthly Mission - Mustard Seed

For over 35 years, The Mustard Seed has been a safe, supportive haven for individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness. Located in 6 cities across Alberta and British Columbia, Mustard Seed offers services and supports to those in need with the goal of helping them make positive, lasting change in their lives. By coming alongside the community, offering a hand-up rather than simply a hand-out, Mustard Seed journeys with their patrons as they move towards a life of wellness and independence.

The Mustard Seed is a safe and supportive place where individuals experiencing barriers associated with poverty and homelessness can have their physical needs met in the short term. In the long term, the process to heal and grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a better life down the road can begin.

Programs and services include:

• Basic needs - emergency shelter, meals, clothing, and hygiene items

• Housing

• Health and Wellness

• Housing

• Employment

• Spiritual care

With the support of our donors, volunteers, and the community, The Mustard Seed continues to grow and meet the needs of those we serve.

For more information about how you can make a donation or volunteer with Mustard Seed, check out their website at www.theseed.ca or phone 780.426.5600.

February Monthly Mission - Pinegrove Middle School Breakfast Program

 Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, students at Pinegrove Middle School in Edson are offered a breakfast that is free to all. Prior to covid19, volunteers regularly prepared hot breakfasts that could consist of pancakes, a breakfast wrap or sandwich or other items. Covid19 has affected what volunteers are allowed to be in the school, so at this time, breakfast consists is a continental style breakfast of fruit, muffins, or other pastries.

The breakfast program is a registered charity which has a budget of approximately $12,000 -$15,000 per year. Funds are received from various grants which are applied for from various large corporations such as Repsol or Shell. Donations from local business, organizations and individuals are also accepted to fund the program.

For more information about the program, or to make a donation, contact Pinegrove Middle School at 780-723-5929.

January Monthly Mission - Edson Food Bank

The Edson Food bank is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide food donated by local individuals and businesses to individuals and families with short term needs. Located at 4511- 5 Avenue in Edson, the Edson Food bank operates year-round on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is also open the second and last Thursday evenings of each month from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm. During this time of covid19, the Food Bank is following all the AHS recommended protocols. Although walk ins are accepted, the Food Bank is asking those requiring food hampers to call or text 780.725.3185 to make an appointment for a time to come in to the Food Bank.

For more information, contact the Food Bank directly by phoning 780.725.3185, or Email: [email protected]

December Monthly Mission - Reflections

Located at 5029 – 1st Avenue in Edson, Reflections is an adult drop-in centre offering support and assistance to individuals who may have mental health challenges, brain trauma or any adult over the age of 18 needing a safe secure place for support and understanding. Adults who attend can feel safe, secure and respected and programs aim to enhance the quality of life for their members.

Reflections main program is the Nutrition Program. Hot meals are provided on Monday and Fridays at 12:00 noon, and Wednesdays at 5:00 pm. Once a year a Community Dinner is provided to celebrate and show support to the community and the members.  Socialization is another important program. Games, movies and other activities are provided, as well as coffee and other refreshments for those who wish to just sit and visit and perhaps make a new friend.

Other services include laundry and shower facilities.

Reflections is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Wednesdays from 12:00 noon until 7:00 pm. Donations of money, food and clothing, especially outerwear to be distributed to their patrons as needed are accepted. Phone 780-723-2342 for more information.

November Monthly Mission - Canadian Foodgrains Bank

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to provide a Christian response to hunger in the world. The Government of Canada has been an important partner of the Foodgrains Bank since it began. Today, the Foodgrains Bank is one of two primary channels for the Government of Canada’s funding for food assistance. Through the Government of Canada’s support, the Foodgrains Bank’s 15 member agencies, representing nearly 30 denominations, are able to leverage donations from individuals, churches and businesses up to a ratio of 4:1 for food assistance in the developing world—up to $25 million each year.

Violent conflict, climate change, political upheaval, natural disasters and economic disruptions cause humanitarian crises that lead to millions of people facing hunger every year. Accessing food becomes a major challenge when fleeing for safety, living through drought, or trying to recover from a powerful cyclone. Emergency food and nutrition assistance provide families with needed support to survive and recover from the hardships caused by circumstances like these.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is also involved in long-term development work focusing on supporting families’ efforts to provide food for themselves. This includes helping rebuild livelihoods after a crisis, promoting sustainable farming practices, and working with communities to strengthen their ability to respond to natural disasters and a changing climate. The organization also works with families to help improve their nutrition, paying extra attention to pregnant and nursing mothers and young children. This is done by supporting nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and maternal health education programs.

For more information or to make a donation, check out the website: www.foodgrainsbank.ca

October Monthly Mission - Edson Shelterpods

The Edson Friendship Centre Housing Plus+ Program has collaborated with the Edson & District Recycling Society (EDRS) to develop this pilot project with the goal of providing sustainable, long term, safe, accessible and low-cost emergency shelters for individuals in our community experiencing homelessness. As our community does not currently offer a shelter or space to house this vulnerable population, many individuals find shelter from the outside elements at public locations such as sheds at local schools, the recycling depot and town property. The Shelterpod project will help support these individuals by providing 5 small emergency housing rooms for sleeping. These rooms will provide a safe, secure and warm location for them to sleep in without the threat of personal violence, theft of belongings, or freezing to death.

Edson Town Council provided the initial funding for the project and since then dozens of organizations, individuals and businesses have provided support. In developing this project, there has also been significant collaboration with Reflections, Alberta Health Services and the local RCMP. Alberta Municipal Affairs has assisted the group through some hurdles during construction since this was a first of a kind initiative. There are washroom facilities on site and volunteers / workers clean the pods each day.

The Shelterpods opened in July 2021, and have been used very regularly since then. For more information about them, or to make a donation contact Erica Snook-Pennings 587 817 6238 at the Edson Friendship Housing + Program .

September Monthly Mission - We Care (Canadian Lutheran World Relief)

Since the 1950’s, the We Care Program has provided material goods such as quilts, clothing, hygiene and school supplies collected by various congregations and shipped to where they are most needed in the world. In our changing world, it has become evident that this is no longer the most effective means of quickly providing aid in disaster situations. Because of shipping and travel restrictions associated with Covid19, the Board of Directors determined in September 2020 to transition away from the commodity shipment program with the intent that the transition would be completed by the end of 2021.

CLWR has many other programs assisting with food security, nutrition, emergency relief, and refuge resettlement throughout the world. For example, COVID-19 is creating a hunger pandemic for families in Burundi. Returning refugees there are struggling to re-establish themselves in their communities, being unable to access credit or markets, or reclaim land that they left behind. CLWR is working to help families navigate through the food insecurity crisis, so that they can focus on education and training, and put themselves in a strong position going forward. Since the We Care Program is being phased out, the Shared Ministry Council decided to redirect our monthly mission funds for September to support the work in Burundi.

To learn more about the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief, check out the website at www.clwr.org. Donations can be made online or mailed to Canadian Lutheran World Relief, 600-177 Lombard, Winnipeg MB R3B 0W5.  

Shared Ministry Agreement

Holy Trinity operates as a joint venture between St. Catherine Anglican and Grace Lutheran.  While Grace's constitution is still a governing document, as well as the Canons of the Anglican Church, the Shared Ministry agreement is the document that allows us to operate as one church on a day to day basis.

View Shared Ministry Agreement